Saturday, July 29, 2006

History of Schnecksville video is the vodcast of the History of Schnecksville video.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Act 1: Video

Thanks to Matt Ritter and Wendy Barron for preparing the following video of Act 1. Please scroll down to see a list of the monologues, authors, editors, and actresses from the first act.

The Schnicks: Act 1

Many thanks to Matt Ritter and Wendy Barron at LCCC for putting together the following audio file of the play!

Act One: Legends, Ladies, and Legacies

The Mothers of Schnecksville

Schnicks:Catherina and Magdalena Schneck

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth

Editors: Jeffrey Clarke, Brenda Vogelsinger

Actresses: Mary Anne Bloom (Catherina) Susan Trexler Hope (Magdalena)


Schnick: Jane Doe

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth

Editor: Sarah Easton

Actress: Sarah Brownlee

No Force in the World

Author:Jeffrey Clarke

Video: Beth Ritter-Guth

Voices: Jeffrey Clarke and Erik Hontz

The Rites of Passage

Schnick: Kate Bachelor Young

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth

Editor: Shady Hegab

Actress: Winnie Okello

My Dearest Paul

Schnick:Ruth Maria Lynn Ritter

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth

Editor: Jeffrey Clarke

Actors: Elizabeth Cron and Jeffrey A. Clarke