Thursday, August 03, 2006

Winona Schappell video

Here is the vodcast of Winona Schappell's story.
This is found on the LCCC server.

History of Schnecksville video. lccc.mp4

Here is the vodcast of the History of Schnecksville video.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

History of Schnecksville video is the vodcast of the History of Schnecksville video.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Act 1: Video

Thanks to Matt Ritter and Wendy Barron for preparing the following video of Act 1. Please scroll down to see a list of the monologues, authors, editors, and actresses from the first act.

The Schnicks: Act 1

Many thanks to Matt Ritter and Wendy Barron at LCCC for putting together the following audio file of the play!

Act One: Legends, Ladies, and Legacies

The Mothers of Schnecksville

Schnicks:Catherina and Magdalena Schneck

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth

Editors: Jeffrey Clarke, Brenda Vogelsinger

Actresses: Mary Anne Bloom (Catherina) Susan Trexler Hope (Magdalena)


Schnick: Jane Doe

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth

Editor: Sarah Easton

Actress: Sarah Brownlee

No Force in the World

Author:Jeffrey Clarke

Video: Beth Ritter-Guth

Voices: Jeffrey Clarke and Erik Hontz

The Rites of Passage

Schnick: Kate Bachelor Young

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth

Editor: Shady Hegab

Actress: Winnie Okello

My Dearest Paul

Schnick:Ruth Maria Lynn Ritter

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth

Editor: Jeffrey Clarke

Actors: Elizabeth Cron and Jeffrey A. Clarke

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Susan Moyer Vod Cast

Here is the VodCast of Susan Moyer. Enjoy!